Diverse readings

I usually read from two, three or more books during the same week. Unless there is one book that I’m so passionate about that I can’t put it down, I prefer different books for different times of the day. I try to read on different topics at the same time too.

Currently these are the books I’m working on:

Functional Programming in Scala

by Paul Chiusano and Rúnar Bjarnason

It has an excellent approach to introducing functor, applicative and monad. It constructs them out of pattern repetition, by showing that we are writing the same code in many different domains.

Good exercises, and very good real world examples of functional code.

functional programming in scala cover

Basic Category Theory for Computer Scientists

by Benjamin C. Pierce

I’m group reading this with friends. Very short book, seems to be nice and to the point, but too soon to say.

basic category theory for computer scientists cover


A Collection of Revolutionary Writings

by Peter Kropotkin

This is currently my commute book. A collection of short essays, published originally mostly as pamphlets in Europe, during Kropotkin exile. Kropotkin is quite a character, a former aristocrat, a scientist and mostly a profoundly humane person.

This one gets me plenty of weird looks on the Muni.

Anarchis. a collection of revolutionary writings cover